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Patpet B601

Patpet B601 is a small, lightweight and effective anti-bark collar without impulse correction. The collar is suitable for all dog sizes from 5 to 60 kg. The Patpet B601 detects barking by sound, has a long battery life and offers 6 levels of sound and vibration functions. The device is rechargeable via USB cable.


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Product code: P48897
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The anti-bark collar Patpet B601 is suitable for all dog sizes from 5 to 60 kg. It detects the barking or howling of the dog with a special built-in microphone. Thanks to the sound detection, it is also ideal against howling. The collar is rechargeable, waterproof and has sound and vibration correction.


Barking detection

Patpet B610 uses sound to detect barking. It detects the barking or howling of a dog using a special built-in microphone in the collar. Therefore, if the dog starts barking or howling, the microphone detects it and the collar is triggered. The sound detection makes it ideal against howling as well.


Type of correction 

Patpet B601 use sound and vibration as correction in 6 levels. At the first bark, the collar warns the dog with a short sound tone together with the vibration. 


Setting the collar

The intensity of vibration and sound is available in 6 adjustable levels. From the six levels of vibration and sound intensity, you can easily choose the optimal one for your dog. The collar is suitable for small, medium and large dogs. All functions are controlled very simply by pressing two buttons and you can see your settings on the miniature display


Batteries and charging

The Patpet B601 can be proud of its long battery life. The rechargeable battery, with a capacity of 500 mAh, can last up to 14 days of operation after 2 hours of fast charging. It depends primarily on how often the collar is triggered.



Patpet B601 is waterproof with IPX6 rating. This makes it suitable for both home and outdoor use. You can use it in rain or snow. It is not suitable for immersion.



Patpet B601 is recommended for all dogs weighing from 5 to 60kg. 



Collar length

Patpet B600 has a very strong black and green quality collar made of nylon. It doesn't give your dog a problem to wear it and it holds well on his neck. The length of the collar is adjustable from 5 to 70 cm. 


Weight and dimensions

Patpet B601 has a very small, lightweight and ergonomically shaped collar that is 3 cm wide, 6.5 cm high, 3 cm deep and weighs only 42 grams.



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Functions Vibration, Sound
Detection voice
Size Small dogs, Mid-size dogs, Large dogs
Display yes
Waterproofing Waterproof
Power USB charging
Collar length 5 - 70 cm
Receiver endurance 10 - 14 dní
Battery in the receiver 450 mAh
Sound level 6 úrovní
Vibration level 6 úrovní
Weight of the receiver 42 g
Dimension of the receiver 3 x 6,5 x 3 cm

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