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Iki Pulse

Num Axes Iki Pulse is an electronic collar to unlearn unwanted barking. Anti-barking Collar Iki Pulse is powered by a rechargeable button battery (charger provided), is even easier to control - control and adjusting elements (on / off switch, sensitivity setting, the setting mode), which are easily accessible from the outside of the device without removing the lid.

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Product code: P194
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Num Axes Iki Pulse anti-barking collar is a modern concept for small and large dogs weighing from 5-90 kg. It has adjustable sensitivity to dogs barking and 4 modes (audio only, audio and impulse noise and amplifying pulse, sound and strong pulse). Iki Pulse is completely waterproof and battery life is about 30 days. Collar is activated only when the vibrations of the vocal cords barking dog and is excluded launch another dog. After each barking is generated audible alarm (one long beep), immediately followed by electrical impulse (except mode 1). In the mode 4, each additional electric pulse, i.e. after each bark, slightly thicker (total 5 levels). In the case that the collar is activated 5 times in quick succession, automatically goes to 15 seconds so. Safety mode when the next barking unresponsive, then returns to the initial state (all modes) .After understanding the context of the dog is later may be used only sound.





Barking detection

Iki Pulse is started by trembling neck skin while barking. The principle function implies that the device responds solely to barking dog that has it on the neck, so it is impossible to be put into operation by a different barking dog.


Correction type 

1. only sound
2nd + sound weaker stimulation (for sensitive dogs)
Third sound + gradually increasing pacing (after each bark)
4. Audio + stronger stimulation (harder for dogs)


Collar settings

Iki Pulse has the option to set 4 different modes of correction and you can also set the sensitivity to a dog barking in 10 levels. Simply set the collar tailored for your dog.


Battery and charging

Collar Iki Pulse uses the power 3V replaceable lithium battery labeled CR2. Stamina collar operation is roughly about 30 days, when you turn to 12 hours a day and 24 run daily (audio + stimulation). Mainly depends on the quality of batteries used.



Anti-barking Collar Iki Pulse is completely waterproof and submersible up to 1 meter. This makes it suitable for both domestic and outdoor use. You can use it in rain and snow and the dog with him can be submerged in water.



Thanks to a small receiver and options 4 modes recommend Iki Pulse for small, medium and large breed dogs. It is ideal for all dogs with a weight of 5-90 kg.


Collar lenght

Iki Pulse has a very nice quality dog collar made of plastic. Collar length is adjustable from about 17 to 55cm.



Num Axes Iki Pulse has a medium-sized collar, which is very well shaped. It has a width of 6.6 cm, height 3.3 cm, depth 4, 5 cm and its weight is 88 grams and the battery.



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Functions Impulse, Sound
Detection vibration
Adjustable sensitivy yes
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Display no
Waterproofing Submersible
Power Batteries
Collar length 17 - 55 cm
Receiver endurance 30 days
Battery in the receiver 3V CR2
Pulse level 5
Weight of the receiver 88 g
Dimension of the receiver 6,6 x 3,3 x 4,5 cm
Electrodes Long and short electrodes

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Additional information


  • great shaped collar
  • 4 modes settings
  • fully waterproof collar
  • 10 levels of sensitivity adjustment
  • the opportunity to use a sound alert
  • battery life of up to 3 months
  • detection by vibration of vocal cords


  • necessity of changing batteries
  • bigger size and weight

 Package content

  • anti-barking collar
  • short electrodes
  • long electrodes
  • adjustable collar
  • Magnet for closing
  • test lamp
  • Battery
  • Manual

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