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PetSafe Pawz Away home fence for dogs and cats

Pawz Away fence will protect problem areas from the pet's rampage. The waterproof receiver on the collar will hold your dog or cat by sound and increasing pulse at a distance of up to 1 m from the object. The device allows you to protect a larger number of areas inside or outside from an unlimited number of animals. Suitable for pets weighing from 2.25 kg. Pawz Away uses a radio signal.

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PetSafe Pawz Away home fence for dogs and cats
PetSafe Pawz Away…
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Product description

Is your dog climbing on a table, couch or raking up a basket? Pawz Away is a home fence that will protect problem areas at home from your pet's rampage. The waterproof receiver on the collar will hold your dog or cat by sound and increasing pulse at a distance of up to 1 m from the object. The receiver and controller of Pawz Away have waterproof characteristics, so  you can safely use it inside and outside. Pawz Away fencing uses a radio signal.


You can keep as many pets as you have receivers without limiting. The controller is powered by 3 AAA batteries and has a display for better orientation.



Pawz Away is a practical device that consists of a lightweight receiver and a miniature barrier. The device distributes the radio signal in radius according to your settings, max. 1 meter. The contact of radio signal and receiver activates your pet's collar. In the moment, when your pet crosses the area that you selected, the collar will emit a warning signal, followed by a pulse signal. If the dog will ignores the signal, the power of the pulse correction will  increase. After 15 seconds, the device will resets, if there is no correction necessary the collar will remains in standby mode (power saving). 


Thanks to accurate correction, your dog or cat will soon understands what makes an unpleasant sound or impulse, and will prefer avoid this place. With the Pawz Away, you can leave your pets unattended, and after returning you will find everything in its place. You can control the range by simply pressing the + and - buttons.

The radio signal of the device spreads through physical barriers. Therefore, the furniture, wall or floor will not be a barrier. The transmitter (barrier) and receiver (collar) are waterproof, so you can use the device without limiting. 

Correction type:

Pawz Away uses 2 type of correction - sound and pulse. The pulse correction is gradually extended every 3 seconds to a 15 seconds maximum. The collar has a safety protection, so the collar will resets all functions after 15 seconds of work.


Setting of the collar:

The range of action is 0.76 m from the protected object. The setting is controlled by the + and - buttons. The collar has a 2 correction levels: sound and increasing pulse. The maximum time of correction is 15 seconds, after the collar functions are resets. The correction intensity is suitable for small and medium breeds of dogs or cats.


Battery and charging:

The collar receiver is powered by 2 pcs of 3V batteries, which are included in the package. 3 pcs of AAA batteries for transmitter not included.



The receiver and controller have waterproof characteristics. Pawz Away is suitable for use indoors and outdoors even in bad weather conditions. 



Pawz Away is suitable for small and medium breeds of dogs or cats, weighing from 2.25 kg. The optimal age limit for the use of educational correction is 6 months. After buying extra collars with a receivers, you will be able to monitor any number of pets.


Collar lenght:

A high-quality adjustable nylon collar will comfortably fit all pets. The collar is included, the length is adjustable from 15.2 to 71 cm. Without any problem you can put the receiver to your pet's favorite collar. 


Weight and dimensions:

The size of a small and light receiver is 10.4 x 8.9 x 11.9 cm, with a weight of only 0.14 g. With such small dimensions and low weight, the collar is suitable for small or medium-sized breeds of dogs or cats. The collar is suitable for animals weighing from 2.25 kg.






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Plot of land 1 m
Functions Impulse, Sound
Wire in package Není m
Land 1 m
Number of dogs unlimited
Size For cats, Small dogs, Extra small dogs
Waterproofing Water resistant
Collar length 15,2 - 71 cm
Battery in the receiver 2x CR2032
Battery in the transmitter 3x AAA
Receiver power supply Battery
Transmitter power supply Battery
Weight of the receiver 1,4 g
Dimension of the receiver 10,4 x 8,9 x 11,9 cm

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