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Menforsan puppy training spray against indoor urination, 125 ml

A natural educational product for attracting and training the puppy to urinate in specific places inside the house, it is a very useful tool in the first months of life and during the first vaccination process in which the puppy should not go outside. The spray is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, volume of 125 ml.

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Product description

If we get a dog at home, one of the first tasks we face is to teach the little puppy where to go to the toilet. But how do you teach a small puppy to go there and not leave puddles in other places in the apartment? Menforsan Puppy Training Spray can help. Herbal and natural essences motivate the dog to urinate in the desired place. Just spray on the selected area. The spray is a neutral, colorless liquid. It contains aromatic oils, mimicking the scent of the garden that your dog knows from his daily regular walks. He instinctively seeks out the spot and your apartment stays clean.

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  • Simplifies hygiene habits
  • Contains aromatic oils
  • Can be applied indoors or outdoors
  • Herbal and natural essences
  • Simply spray on the selected area



  • None


Package contents

  • Menforsan puppy training spray against indoor urination, 125 ml

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