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Cosmetics for dogs

Doggy is a perfect reflection of his master. Cosmetics for dogs is not only unnecessary whim of the owner of a pet. You should ensure that your four-legged friend is fresh, clean and fragrant. Shampoos and conditioners to protect the dog against various parasites, protective milk caring for sensitive skin areas. Choose among our quality shampoos for dogs that your dog pets provide excellent care for hair. We also offer conditioners, deodorants for dogs, perfumes for females and much more.

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Menforsan Paw protector gel 50ml

Menforsan Paw protector gel 50ml

In stock 4 pcs 30. 10. at Yours
Protective cream for the paws of the fore and hind feet of dogs. It contains aloe vera to form scar tissue, and repair…
8 €
Menforsan ošetřující šampón a kondicionér (2v1)

Menforsan shampoo and conditioner (2in1)

In stock 4 pcs 30. 10. at Yours
Troubled by notted furt of your four-legged pet? Does not help to have even an ordinary brush? So just for you is…
7 €
Menforsan voňavka s vanilkovou vůni

Menforsan perfume with vanilla scent

In stock 6 pcs 30. 10. at Yours
The sweet scent of vanilla, which is a nice neighborhood and your dog pets - it's cologne Menforsan. This fragrance has…
7 €

Menforsan shampoo with oats 300ml

Menforsan shampoo with oats 300ml

In stock > 10 pcs 30. 10. at Yours
High quality natural shampoo with oatmeal for dogs with delicate, very dry, sensitive or irritated skin.
7 €
Kondicionér Menforsan s ochranným norkovým olejem

Conditioner Menforsan with protect oil

In stock > 10 pcs 30. 10. at Yours
Surely even you do not like the feeling after a bath when you have your pet dog to bother combing tangled clumps.…
11 €
Elektronický bleší hřeben Eyeniamal

Electronic flea comb Eyenimal

In stock 3 pcs 30. 10. at Yours
Electronic flea comb EYENIMAL can certainly cope with any flea and rid your pet of fleas after a few uses.
22 €

Kondicionér pro psy Animology Top Dog

Conditioner for dogs Animology Top Dog

10 days 13. 11. at Yours
Series shampoos br.Animology presents a unique set of products for hair care for dogs. Stylish packaging, beautiful…
9 €

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