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Natural volcanic rocks Dog Rocks

Unique and proven product to eliminate burned spots on your lawn after the site uses a dog to a small toilet. Simply insert the contents DOG ROCKS ™ in your pet bowl filled with max. 2 liters of water and your lawn will once again shine with health. DOG ROCKS ™ prevents new spots burning on the lawn but he fired revive the place.

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Description and parameters
Dog Rocks - přírodní vulkanické kameny
Natural volcanic…
21 €

Product description

Dogrocks How does it work?

Dog Rocks® is paramagnetic, volcanic rock, located in Australia and is therefore a natural product. These rocks can filter out various contaminants from water, such as tin, ammonia and nitrates that leave urine and when they come into contact with the grass, burned her roots.

After immersion into water, rocks, paramagnetism generates a magnetic field that causes changes in the exchange ions. The result is to reduce the quantity of nitrates that are found in the water, so that the dog ingests a smaller amount of nitrate from the water and thus less nitrate leaves the body in the urine of the animal.

Dog Rocks effect diminishes if the dog is fed a diet food, which consists primarily of red meat, or during the day has a high intake of various wounds. The greater the amount of protein ingested, which in the animal body consumed, the greater the amount of nitrate leaves the body in the urine of the animal. When quality dry diet with daily dosing is exact effect of canine urine less aggressive and thus the effect Dog-Rocks with pronounced.

Using stones Dog Rocks is quite simple. Simply insert one pack Dog Rocks stones in a bowl of water to drink from your dog. To guarantee maximum efficiency DogRocks replaced every two months for a new pack.

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