USED - Martin System GPS collar MPS Dog 2.0
USED - Martin System GPS collar MPS Dog 2.0USED - Martin System GPS collar MPS Dog 2.0USED - Martin System GPS collar MPS Dog 2.0

USED - Martin System GPS collar MPS Dog 2.0

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Unique GPS system from Martin System. The radio signal range is 60 km with immediate update, almost worldwide range with less accuracy and 10 minutes updates. The device staying powered up to 6 days.

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USED - Martin System GPS collar MPS Dog 2.0

Martin System MPS 2 is a GPS collar with the longest signal on the market - up to 60 km in flat terrain. GPS for dogs MPS Dog 2 is broadcast on allowed frequencies (869.5 MHz), so you don't need a license. A small compact transmitter with a receiver that is resistant against all the bugs that your dog can meet not only in the forest, but also in the city. The dog's movement can be tracked not only on the transmitter display (distance, direction and speed), but also in the mobile app that allows you to display the map. After purchasing additional receivers, you can extend the GPS collar from Martin System for 32 dogs after purchasing additional receivers.


Position update every 8 seconds when the receiver is connected to the transmitter (distance up to 60 km). If you are connected to the SIGFOX network (a distance more than 60 km), the location is updated every 10 minutes.



Martin system MPS Dog 2.0 helps you track your dog's position up to 60 km away in real time. Martin System MPS Dog 2.0 is specially designed for use in the most difficult conditions (forest), so it suitable for professional tracking dogs during hunting. Using Sigfox antenna technology, you can find your dog even at a longer distance.


GPS function

Martin system MPS Dog 2.0 works on the principle of radio waves, which are allowed in Europe. This GPS collar has a sensitive GPS sensor.


Battery and charging

The Martin System MPS Dog 2.0  is equipped with a rechargeable and removable Lithium-Ion battery with a capacity of 1900mAh and the receiver 1250mAh. You charge the collar and transmitter with a dual charger during 2 hours. On a single charge, the transmitter and receiver can work during several days (3-6 days).



The Martin system MPS Dog 2.0 has waterproof receiver. In this way, it is an ideal choice for training dogs in water or extreme conditions (forest, mud).



Number of dogs 

Martin System MPS Dog 2.0 can be used to monitor and train a large number of dogs at the same time, without losing functions. By purchasing additional collars, you can extend the functionality to train and track up to 32 dogs at the same time. On the transmitter, you can switch between dogs using the buttons.



Martin System MPS Dog 2.0 má kvalitní podsvícený LCD displej, díky kterému můžete psa trénovat a sledovat jak ve dne, tak i  v noci. Na displeji máte veškeré ukazatele - vzdálenost psa od vás, jeho rychlost pohybu, typ korekce, počet psů, sílu impulzů, sílu signálu a indikaci stavu nabití/vybití baterie atd.


Collar lenght

Martin System MPS Dog 2.0 has a very durable and high-quality rubberized collar. The collar keeps well on the dog's neck and does not cause any discomfort. The length of the collar is adjustable from 20 to 55 cm.



The receiver of this collar is very small and light. It weighs only 54 g.




Android app to download here

MPS DOG Aplikace

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