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USED - Reedog FX-300 fence for dogs

Used and unpacked product. There are several options, they can be selected from the list. The photos are illustrative and approximately correspond to the state. Below you can find a detailed description of each state.

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Product code: P6989
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Information about the goods status:

1) Unpack

The device is only unpacked or the packaging has been damaged, that's why the product has been repackaged in non-original packaging. The device was never used.

2) Nearly new*

The product was used for demonstration in the store or was exchanged by the customer within a few days. It may not have the original packaging, maximum the product may have several light abrasions.

3) Easily used*

The device  has been used for 5-15 days, scratches from the claws are already visible on it.

4) Heavily used*

The device has been used for 15 to 40 days, there are very noticeable scratches or toothprints. The product can be after maintenance or repair.

*We sell only 100% functional goods that can be used as well as new ones. For example, waterproofing and other properties are always preserved. The warranty period for category 1 and 2 is the same as for the new goods, for categories 3 and 4 the warranty period is 12 months. The product can be changed or returned during 30 days. The device is always presented in full configuration (if have not been provided differently).


Electronic invisible fence from a Czech company Reedog is suitable for all dogs with a weight of 5 kg to 90 kg. Reedog FX-300 can be set to zone at 10 levels. The zone can be set at a distance of 30 cm to 6 meters. If the dog enters the forbidden zone is notified first sound, if continues, it is the admonition correction in the form of an electrostatic pulse. This correction increases automatically, depending on how the dog approaches the forbidden zone. The collar has a total of 3 levels from weakest to strongest. Thanks to its unique technology dvojtého notice through sound and vibration forces and gradually intensifying correction in 3 levels, maximized efficiency, that dog will not leave the forbidden zone. The collar has DryDog technology, which ensures maximum protection against water intrusion. Collar FX-300 is fully waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters. Cover the collar is made of molded and hardened plastic, which makes it resistant to shock, breakage or other mechanical damage. Wire fence in a package with Reedog FX-300 has a cross section of 0.75 mm2 is suitable for installation of gardens on the perimeter up to 2000 meters.


Main functions

  • Notification sound and 3 levels of impulse
  • Zone settings in 10 levels (30 cm to 6 meters)
  • Possibility to install up to 800 m circuit
  • Waterproof and submersible to 2 meters collar
  • Long battery life of 1-2 months
  • Beeper broken wire
  • 100 meters of wire, 5 pcs flags and adapter in the package
  • Extra strong nylon collar receiver
  • Safety Mode - safe mode, which turns off the collar when the dog gets trapped in the correction zone for more than 10 seconds
  • 3 year warranty
  • Short and long electrodes for short-haired and long-haired dogs
  • The receiver of hard plastic that is resistant to destruction
  • Suitable for small and large dogs
  • The product from the Czech brand!


Correction type

Reedog fence FX-300 has a sound function and pulse. The strength of the electrostatic pulse is automatically increased at three levels. Helps prevent Escape small and large breeds of dogs.


Battery and charging

The receiver at the fence FX-300 is equipped with a 6V battery, which the collar will last 1-2 months. The new battery is based on about 50 CZK, so the traffic is very inexpensive fence.


Number of dogs
Reedog FX-300 can extend for an unlimited number of dogs. Just buy another receiver and a fence will work on all dogs.



Reedog FX-300 has a Dry Dog technologies that provide maximum protection against water intrusion. The collar is fully waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters.



drát v baleníWire

Basic packaging Reedog FX-300 contains 100 m of insulated wire cross section 0.5 mm, which is fully sufficient for most installations. If the wire in the package is not sufficient, it can buy and easy to connect up to 800 meters.


Zone setting

Reedog FX-300 can be set to zone 10 levels. The zone can be set at a distance of 30 cm to 6 meters. If the dog enters the forbidden zone is notified first sound, if continues, is the admonition corrections in the form of a pulse, which automatically increases at 3 levels.


Collar lenght

Reedog FX-300 has a very strong and good collar made of plastic. Collar length is adjustable from 20 to 75 cm. It is suitable for the smallest and largest dog breeds.



The receiver has a width of 6.6 cm, height 2.7 cm and depth of 3.7 cm and its weight is 50 grams. This makes it suitable for small, medium as well as the largest dog breeds.


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Used Fences for dogs

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Land 800 m
Number of dogs unlimited
Size Small dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Frequency 433,92 MHz

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USED - Reedog FX-300 fence for dogs

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