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Patpet F400

The Patpet F400 electronic invisible fence is a small compact device with sound and pulse functions. It has a waterproof receiver, suitable for rain or wet environments. The F400 invisible fence is suitable for plots with a perimeter of up to 600 metres. It is the only one that offers the possibility of adjusting the correction zone from 50 cm to 6 m. This makes it the ideal choice for small plots.

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Product code: P48902
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Zone settings

The zone width is adjustable at the base, ranging from 0.5 m to 6 m, depending on the installation type and wire length.



Type of correction 

The Patpet fence has a non-adjustable sound and electrostatic pulse function. The closer the wire border is, the more the sound and impuls functions are amplified simultaneously.


drát v balení

Wire in the package

The basic package of Patpet F400 contains 200 meters of insulated wire with a cross section of 0.1 mm. This is sufficient wire for surface installation, due to its very thin diameter it is not suitable for burying or placing in a busy location. 



Batteries and charging

The F400 receiver is powered by a rechargeable battery and will last up to 20 days in operation. The battery level on the receiver is indicated by an LED light. The base is mains powered.




The device has a waterproof receiver with IPX65 rating and is suitable for use in rain and very wet environments. The base is also waterproof, however we recommend placing it in a dry environment. It can also be placed outdoors, but so that it does not get rained on.


Number of dogs  

Patpet F400 can be used for an unlimited number of dogs. By adding additional receivers, you can easily expand it. 



Collar length

A very strong and high quality plastic reflective collar is included with the receiver. It does not give your dog a problem to wear it and it holds well on his neck. The length of the collar is adjustable from 10 to 68 cm. 


Weight and dimensions

The base is 11.2cm wide, 9cm high and 3.2cm deep. The receiver is 6.7cm wide, 4cm high and 3.4cm deep and weighs 55 grams.



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Fences Electronic fences By the breed For mid-size dogs For big dogs By the land size to 600 meters For biggest dogs By the brand

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Functions Impulse, Sound
Wire in package 200 m
Průřez drátu v balení 0,1 mm
Land 300 m
Number of dogs unlimited
Size Large dogs, Mid-size dogs, Stubborn dogs
Waterproofing Waterproof
Collar length 20 - 70 cm
Receiver endurance 20 dní
Receiver power supply USB nabíjení
Transmitter power supply Síťový adaptér
Weight of the receiver 55 g
Transmitter dimension 11,2 x 9 x 3,2 cm
Dimension of the receiver 6,7 x 4 x 3,4 cm
Electrodes Krátké i dlouhé elektrody


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