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Search device DOG GPS X20 orange

DOG GPS X20 is a device used to search up to 9 dogs at a distance of 20 km. It composed of a transmitter, which is located on the collar of the dog and the receiver. The device uses GPS and RF technology. GPS X20 has a simple and practical operation, a readable display and other functions.


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Product code: P45796
Warranty: 36 months

Product description

DOG GPS X20 is a device used to locate your dogs up to 20 km away. It composed of a transmitter, which is located on the collar of the dog and the receiver (orange color). Possibility to track up to 9 dogs using just one receiver. The transmitter receives location data from GPS satellites and sends the information about position to the receiver using a radio frequency signal (RF). 



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GPS signal GPS
Range 20 km
Function Kompas, Car mode, Ohradník, BEEPER - detekce stání, Waypoint, FENCE - kruhový plot
Number of dogs 1 - 9 dogs
Size Large dogs, Mid-size dogs, For the largest dogs
Power USB charging

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Additional information


  • The smallest and lightest collar on the market
  • Compass
  • Beeper function (dog movement/standing detection)
  • Fence function
  • Waypoint function (ability to store 4 GPS coordinates of the receiver)
  • Car mode function (mode of using the receiver in the car)
  • Waterproof receiver and transmitter
  • Readable receiver display
  • Range between transmitter and receiver up to 20 km
  • Tracking up to 9 dogs at the same time using one receiver
  • Battery life more than 40 hours

 Package content

  • The receiver with the Li-Pol battery 1850 mAh
  • Clips for placing the receiver on the belt and 2 pieces of bolts
  • The transmitter with the Li-Pol battery 1850 mAh 
  • Orange collar
  • Dual power adapter with USB cables and clips 
  • Drawstring for placing the receiver on the neck 
  • Instruction manual 
  • Suitcase

GPS dog collars

How does GPS help you?

  • Helps you act efficiently, proactively and in a timely manner when your pet dog is lost
  • Ensures you can keep track of your dog's every move during a chase, rescue or walk
  • An invaluable tool for ensuring your dog's safety
  • Easily and simply ensure the prevention of the loss of your furry companion
  • Provides you with an overview of your dog's movements remotely, from anywhere
  • By storing and displaying your dog's movements backwards, you know where problem areas, lures or weak spots are in your dog's enclosure

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