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Reedog S1

The fully programmable Reedog S1 anti-bark collar is a modern tool for unlearning unwanted barking in your dog. The collar uses incremental adjustable sound, vibration and pulse functions to correct barking - bark sensitivity can be adjusted in five levels. Charges with a magnetic charger, waterproof material and smart color display. The reliable and safe collar is suitable for all dog breeds from 10 kg. 

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62 € 50 € without VAT
Product code: P53116
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The Reedog S1 anti-bark collar has three types of corrections with the possibility of combination and intensity adjustment: sound only, vibration only, sound + vibration, or sound + vibration + pulse. The bark sensitivity can be adjusted in five levels so you can determine what bark intensity is beyond your tolerance, the adjustable sensitivity will adapt the collar easily for all sizes of dogs. The Reedog S1 feel free to use the collar even in slightly rainy weather. However, the collar cannot withstand immersion, so never use it in water. The Reedog S1 has a large backlit display that is easy to read and offers simple operation with 2 buttons on the back of the collar. The collar is rechargeable using a magnetic USB charger and will last up to 10 days in function on a full charge.



Bark detection

The Reedog S1 anti-bark collar has adjustable bark sensitivity in five levels. If you set the bark sensitivity to high, the collar will correct the dog even at quiet barking. You can therefore determine for yourself what barking volume is already too loud. The barking is detected by a built-in microphone in the collar, which prevents the device from being triggered by barking or noise from other dogs.


Type of correction  

The Reedog S1 anti-bark collar has three types of correction with the possibility of combination and intensity adjustment. Setting options: sound only, vibration only, sound + vibration, or sound + vibration + pulse. The range of sensitivity and the optional corrections offer suitable optimal settings for large, medium and smaller dogs.


Setting the collar 

The intensity of vibration or electrostatic pulse is available in six adjustable increasing levels, vibration offers three levels. Increasing correction strength, offers different correction frequencies. All functions are controlled very simply by pressing the two corresponding buttons and you can see your settings on the clear backlit display.


Batteries and charging

The Reedog S1 boasts a long battery life. The rechargeable battery lasts up to - 10 days on a full charge. Above all, it depends on how often the collar is triggered.




Reedog S1 is water resistant with an IPX6 rating and is suitable for outdoor use even in light rain. However, the collar does not have waterproof properties. It cannot withstand immersion and should not be exposed to too heavy and persistent rain! The ideal use of an anti-rain collar is at home or even in the garden in only occasional or normal rain. 



It will easily provide comfort for medium and larger breeds by providing a corrective option for most dog temperaments. All adjustable features such as detection sensitivity and correction intensity range offer enough correction models for different types of dogs. 


Collar length 

Also included is a sturdy nylon collar that is adjustable and comfortable. Adjustable strap for neck circumference 10 - 60 cm. The unit is easy to put on the collar and the collar already has the optimum width for a smooth breakthrough of the unit.


Weight and dimensions

The anti-bark collar has dimensions of 3.5 cm x 6 cm x 2.5 cm (width, height, depth) and an ergonomic shape. It will make it very easy for the puppies to wear it and get used to it more easily. The collar weighs only 92 g.




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Collars Anti-barking collars Anti-barking collars By the breed For big dogs For mid-size dogs Pro největší psy By the correction type Electronic Vibration Sound By waterproof Water-resistant By the brand Reedog Anti-howling collars

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Functions Impulse, Vibration, Sound
Detection voice
Adjustable sensitivy yes
Size Stubborn dogs, Large dogs, Mid-size dogs
Display yes
Waterproofing Waterproof
Power USB charging
Collar length 10 - 60 cm
Receiver endurance 10 - 15 dní
Weight of the receiver 92 g
Dimension of the receiver 3,5 x 6 x 2,5 cm
Electrodes Krátké i dlouhé elektrody


Anti-bark collars

How does the collar help you?

  • Reduces unwanted barking, howling and whining of dogs in the apartment or garden in your absence
  • Eliminate inappropriate dog behaviour - barking at people, cars, bikes, animals and various objects
  • Eliminating the barking or howling of your neighbour's dogs
  • Help your dog understand the inappropriateness of barking and calm down with other activities
  • You don't have to give up your pet dog or shut it down unnecessarily because of disturbing barking.
  • Eliminates the cause of neighborly arguments over dog barking
  • Unlearn dog barking with respect to its size and age.

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