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How to choose a litter box for a new cat?

When choosing a litter box for your cat, there are important factors to consider, such as the size and location of the litter box. The toilet size should correspond to your cat's size and needs. For example, a small toilet may not be suitable for an adult and large cat, who will have difficulty turning around comfortably in it. At the same time, a too large one may take up a lot of space in a small apartment and will not be suitable for a small kitten. In addition, the toilet should be located in a quiet and easily accessible place. This will provide your cat with just the right amount of comfortable and private space.

Types of toilets

When choosing the right litter box for your cat, there are many types on the market to choose from. The most common type is the rectangular bowl, made of plastic and available in various sizes. Another option is a closed toilet, which in turn provides privacy for the cat, reduces odors, and also the spread of litter.

Self-cleaning toilets are becoming increasingly popular because they automate the cleaning process and reduce the need for daily scooping. An example is our Petkit Pura X or Petkit Pura Max. With Pura, you will save time because you will not have to clean up after your pet manually. It also saves money because the same amount of litter is not needed. Thanks to specially made TPE rubber, it prevents soft stools from sticking to the cat litter, so it only removes lumps and keeps the rest of the litter clean. The large container makes it possible to fill 5 liters of litter for up to 7 days of use without changing.

The advantage of self-cleaning toilets is also the number of sensors that allow you to monitor your cat's weight, the time and frequency of using the toilet, the litter capacity, and much more. All this data can be easily monitored in the interface of the free Petkit application, which can be easily downloaded to mobile phones with the operating system iOS and Android.

Choose the right type of litter

Typ steliva, který používáte, může výrazně ovlivnit návyky vaší kočky na toaletu. Některé kočky preferují hrudkující stelivo, jiné mohou preferovat nehrudkující nebo krystalické stelivo. Je nezbytné experimentovat s různými druhy, abyste zjistili, který z nich vaše kočka preferuje. Pokud například vaše kočka váhá, zda použít podestýlku, může to být způsobeno typem použité podestýlky.

The type of litter you use can significantly affect your cat's toileting habits. Some cats prefer a clumping litter, while others may prefer a non-clumping or crystalline litter. It is essential to experiment with different types to find out which one your cat prefers. For example, if your cat is hesitant to use the litter, it may be because of the type of litter used.

Consider the number of cats

If you have multiple cats, it is recommended to have one toilet for each cat and one extra. This ensures that each cat has access to a clean and accessible toilet. Additionally, some cats may prefer their own designated toilet, so multiple options can prevent potential toileting issues.

Regardless of the type of toilet you choose, it should be cleaned regularly to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and odor. A suitable cat litter box can positively affect your cat's behavior, promote a sense of security, and reduce anxiety associated with using an inappropriate or unclean space.

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