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Fountain for cats and dogs Drinkwell Butterfly

The Drinkwell Butterfly fountain is made of high-quality plastic and has a unique patented system of 4 free-falling streams of water with a removable butterfly-shaped top. Capacity of 1.5 liters will help you to keep the drinking regime of all pets, regardless of the size of the animal (but we recommend to use the Drinkwell Butterfly fountain for small and medium dogs and for cats). 

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Product code: P47985
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The constant flow of water attracts the attention of the animal and encourages them to drink water, thereby maintaining the necessary level of hydration. The removable butterfly-shaped top adds an interesting decorative element to the fountain and creates 4 free-falling watercourses. The butterfly can be easily removed into one quietly flowing stream of water. The carbon and foam filters catches hair and debris, removes chlorine, unpleasant smell and taste from the water - only the best for your pet. Filters should be changed every 2-4 weeks, depending on the number of animals (the more animals you have - the more often the filter should be changed).

  • a decorative butterfly shaped top - creates 4 free falling streams of water
  • the fountain is designed for indoor use only
  • capacity of 1.5 liters - ideal for cats and small dogs
  • low power consumption
  • encourages animals to drink more clean water
  • the continuous circulation of water in the fountain saturates it with oxygen
  • dimensions: 26.4 x 20.8 x 14.2 cm


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Pet Supplies Bowls, fountains, dispensers Pet fountains For cats For small dogs For mid-sized dogs By the brand Drinkwell

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Objem vody 1.5 litrů
Size For cats, Small dogs, Mid-size dogs

Additional information


  • 2 options for free-falling water flow
  • always fresh water
  • foam filter captures hairs and dirt
  • promotes hydration
  • easy to clean 

 Package content

  • fountain
  • carbon filter
  • foam filter
  • pump and adapter
  • instructions


How will the fountain help you?

  • A good drinking regime means reducing the risk of urinary sand and stones
  • Encourages all pets to have sufficient fluid intake
  • Provides your pets with water of the quality they need, that is, free of hair, food debris and other impurities.
  • Prevents tipped bowls, water puddles and empty water bowls
  • Contributes to a better aesthetic impression of the environment
  • Builds healthy condition and prevents obesity, kidney and other serious diseases

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