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Fencee power P20 power generator - up to 15 km

The GENERATOR fencee power P20 is universally applicable for short, medium and long fences up to 15 km. It is suitable for more and less sensitive animals such as dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, goats, poultry and as protection against game.

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Product code: P36891
Warranty: 36 months

Product description

The fencee power P20 is universally applicable for short to medium-long fences up to 15 km and especially for more sensitive animals such as dogs, livestock, cats, horses. It also perfectly protects crops from deer, roe deer and wild boar. The compact modern design of the fence with a switch and the latest microprocessor technology inside offers practical solutions and allows for easy installation. An LED light on the front indicates the operation of the power supply. The intelligent electronics with SafeShock technology enable particularly safe fencing with specially reduced output voltage.

Suitable for plus-minus wiring applications where both wires are run in parallel and the impulse occurs when they are connected. This direct path makes the electrical impulse particularly intense, but also more sensitive for the animal as the current only flows through a small part of the body.


How does the electronic fence work?

An electronic fence consists of an electronic generator and a fence defined by posts and wires. The electronic generator supplies the fence lines with current pulses. These pulses are characterised by high voltage and very short duration. The impact of the electronic current is very unpleasant and the animals quickly learn to respect the fence. 

What are the advantages of an electronic fence?

An electronic fence has many advantages over a traditional fence. 

  • The fence requires less labor and material costs to build than a traditional fence.
  • Flexible rotation and repositioning of the enclosure is possible as needed.
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly of temporary fencing.
  • Designed for guarding and protecting a variety of animals
  • Does not cause injury to animals

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Zdroj napájení 230 V ~
Spotřeba zdroje na 230 v 4 W
Vstupní energie 2,6 J
Výstupní energie 2 J
Výstupní napětí 10000 V
Výstupní napětí 500 Ω 5000 V
Teor. Max. Cee 70 km
Nízký porost 19 km
Střední porost 8 km
Vysoký porost 1,5 km
Uzemnění 1 m 2 ×
Průměr 210 mm
Hloubka 66 mm
Hmotnost 1382 g

Additional information


  • Generator fencee power P20
  • Ground cable 150 cm (eye-to-eye)
  • Connection cable 100 cm (eye-hole-bead)
  • Fencee warning plate
  • Operating Instructions

 Package content

  • Very low and efficient power consumption
  • Durable generator housing
  • Czech product
  • For short, medium, and long fences up to 15 km
  • SafeShok technology maximum safety for animals
  • Resistant to climatic conditions

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