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Door with microchip SureFlap DualScan

SureFlap catdoor DualScan are battery-powered door with a microchip that allows entry only your cat! To enter no need to use the collar. The door can be set for up to 32 cats. You can use the help tag on a collar or using a microchip that applies your vet.

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Product code: P2537
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

SureFlap catdoor DualScan are battery-powered door with a microchip that allows entry only your cat! To enter no need to use the collar. The door can be set for up to 32 cats. You can use the help tag on a collar or using a microchip that applies your vet.

However, we prefer to use microchips that are the reliable identification, because they can not be lost. But if your pet is not or can not be chipped and decide for Snake 'em SureFlap RFID (not included), always wear a collar with a buckle fixed, so you should be sure that the mark is lost.

Size passages with 14 x 12 cm, cut-out requirements for location: 16.5 x 17.1 cm

The door SureFlap DualScan you know always about arrival or departure of your cats. This is a practical tool to each cat family! Use DualScanu to choose which cat can and can not go out. The doors have security programming mode: If your cat accidentally escapes eg. Through an open window, it may be no problem getting back home door, which was opened after her approach.

How does the microchip works?

  • Chip ai applied by veterinarian. Chip implanted in the animal's shoulder, and together with the name and address of the animal it registers with the company Tasso or the German Animal Register. The doctor equipped with a sensor that can read the number of the embedded chip, and thus find the owner of the animal.
  • By simply pressing a button saves the door SureFlap identification number of your cat. The door will open only small animals, that have activated programmed chip. This prevents entry of other unwanted visitors!
  • Sensor that is used to read the chip your cat is inside the tunnel - enables chip recognize even at a distance, e.g. if the chip cats shifted. The door opens within a fraction of a second and are locked automatically about 1 second after your cat door passes. Door SureFlap have manual "classic" 4-position lock which, when activated disables the chip from locking operation.
  • You can set the 4 options according to the needs of cats - the door is always open, always closed, only inward and outward only.


In what doors can be installed SureFlap door?

  • SureFlap door can easily be installed on all types of doors. If you install a glass door you need to get an additional adapter. Adapter (insert) can also be used in the event that you left the door larger hole over the previous door. Installation of door to door with double-glazing can also. Accurate instruktce for installation are included in the instructions that you get along with the door.
  • To install the doors with metal plates or metal core, carefully read the installation instructions (instructions included), because the metal can affect the ability to recognize the sensor chip. When properly installed, there is no restriction.


Cat door are the same size as many other commercially available doors, so they can be easily replaced.


Mounting device for a glass sheet:

  • Not Included
  • It consists of two parts
  • diameter: 28.5 cm
  • covers the cutout with a diameter of 21-26 cm


Extending tunnel:

  • Not Included
  • for installation in walls
  • tunnel extends about 5 cm
  • it is possible to connect several tunnels together

Door SureFlap microchip cat - look at the video how the doors work



Cat door settings



Cat door instalation



Instalation of the glass door



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Pet Supplies Doors By the breed For cats Chip doors By the brand SureFlap

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Colour White
Material PVC
Function microchip lock
Frame (w x h) 21 x 21 cm
Flap (w x h) 14,2 x 12 cm
Size Small dogs, For cats, Extra small dogs
Power Batteries

Downloading Instructions

Additional information


  • no need for a collar (microchip)
  • It works with all common numbers of the chip (9, 10, and 15 numbered)
  • for animals without chip
  • check the arrival and departure of cats in both directions
  • Installation on a wall, door, or window
  • strong and durable construction
  • individual control chips (for each cat separately)
  • battery life up to 6 months (warning when batteries are weak)
  • Up to 32 different numbers of chips


  • Pendant not included
  • Microchip Not Included
  • Batteries are not included in the packs

 Package content

  • SureFlap cat door DualScan (overall dimensions: 21 x 21 cm)
  • tunnel dimensions: 16.6 x 17.3 x 6.3 cm
  • screws in 3 different sizes
  • Manual

Doors for dogs

How will the dog and cat door help?

  • It will allow your pet unrestricted comfortable access inside and outside.
  • The door is easy to install, simple and compatible with all common materials (wood, metal, plastic, brick, etc.).
  • You can go about your business in peace, knowing that your pet can move independently of you
  • Creates a reliable base for your pet and the joy of free movement 

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