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CHAMELEON Extender Multi Brand

Compatible attachment for training collars available in two sizes - medium and large. 

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Product code: P45217
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Chameleon Extender Multi Brand is a multifunctional extender for training collars. It is compatible with multiple brands and is available in medium (26,5 cm) and large (31,1 cm) sizes. The measurement does not include any elastic part. With the Chameleon attachment, you can move the electrodes and change the number of electrodes for optimal functionality and dog sensitivity. You can move the electrodes as often as necessary. For the dog to feel anything, there must be at least one electrode in the negative cell and one electrode in the positive cell. Cells that are mirror images of each other or side by side make up the positive and negative cells. When you use the extender, you are giving your dog a comfort when the electrodes are not only on the receiver and the dog's neck but on the sides of the extender. You can adjust the size of the attachment on the dog's neck by simply tightening it.

When using one receiver and the Chameleon attachment the dog will feel double contact ( as when using two receivers).


The Chameleon attachment is compatible for: 

• Martin System

• Dogtra

• Dog Trace

• E-Collar Technologies

• Garmin

• Sit Means Sit

• Sport Dog



Medium size Chameleon attachment: 26,5 cm long, it is made of three links on each side ( two links on each side can accommodate three contact points, the last smaller link can accommodate only two contact points). 

Large size Chameleon extension: 31.1 cm long, it is made up of four links on each side ( three contact points can be placed in three links on each side, only two contact points can be placed in the last smaller link). 

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Additional information


  • Compatible for multiple brands
  • 2 different sizes
  • Possibility to move and change the number of electrodes
  • Electrodes around the entire circumference of the extension
  • Easy size adjustment


  • Higher purchase price
  • Untuned attachment design

 Package content

  • Chameleon attachment
  • Dogtra Mounting Kit
  • Garmin Mounting Kit
  • Dogtrace Mounting Kit
  • Universal Mounting Kit

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