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Antiparasite shampoo for dogs Animology Flea & Tick

Series of shampoos br.Animology presents a unique set of products for hair care for dogs. Stylish packaging, beautiful fragrance and excellent cleansing properties you'll love. Set Animology shampoo is most popular in its category in the UK especially for operators of dog salons and Mark became the recipient of several awards.

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Warranty: 24 months

Product description

Shampoo effectively repel ticks and fleas. Shampoo in practice proved to be very effective in preventing problems with fleas and ticks in general. Composition and shampoo that contains tea tree oil and neem oil (nimbiovy oil) effectively prevents the parasite to coat ever get - parasite interferes with the scent of essential oils and oils complain parasites in the hair "attached".
Shampoo very effectively soothes the skin of the dog.
Flea & Tick Shampoo also contains a mild yet effective ingredients that effectively combats the smell of hair. It gently frothy and thus achieve faster rinsing dog. An important feature of the shampoo, the pH suitable for the skin of the dog-containing conditioner and an important pro-vitamin B5. Delicate aromas are pleasantly surprised and active ingredient, which neutralizes the odor bacteria fur dog effectively extend the experience of pure and fragrant fur.


deep cleansing
neutral pH
It contains conditioner
It contains pro-vitamin B5
easily washable

Volume: 250 ml


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Pet Supplies Antiparasitics Antiparasitics shampoos Cosmetics Skin and hair care Shampoos Animology

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Additional information

Deep cleansing
Repels ticks and fleas
Soothes the dog's skin
Tea tree and nimbus oil
100% vegan
Easily washable
Contains vitamins and conditioner

Package contents
Antiparasitic shampoo for dogs Animology Flea & Tick, 250 ml

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Antiparasite shampoo for dogs Animology Flea & Tick

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