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Anti-insects spot on for dogs, 2 ks

Natural product brand Menforsan. Pipette provides protection against insect infestation. It contains extracts of citronella. It is used for topical application, which allows high protection for 30 days and is suitable for use throughout the year.

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Product code: P6645
Warranty: 24 months
Description and parameters
Antiparazitní pipety pro psa Menforsan 2ks
Anti-insects spot…
10 €

Product description

Anti-insect spot-on for dogs: It contains natural ingredients (Neem, Geraniol and Lavandin) to prevent and repel all kinds of insects. It provides a high protection for 30 days.
Uses: Serve on the skin of the neck and in front of the shoulders. Hold the pipette up and break off the upper part and apply on the neck of the dog. Use the pipette directly on the skin without massaging and empty the contents in one spot. Do not use if the animal has a wet fur. However, bathing or washing of the animal two hours after application of the treatment does not reduce the efficacy of the product.

The volume of 2 x 1.5 ml

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Pet Supplies Antiparasitics Antiparasite pipettes

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