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This category includes any accessories for toilets for dogs and cats. Choose from a wide selection, we have prepared for you.

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Čistič na Pet Loo - Wee Care

Cleaner Pet Loo - Wee Care

In stock 1 pcs 09. 07. at Yours
Natural cleaner for Pet Loo ™ based on enzymes that removes odors and impurities from mobile toilets PetLoo.
17 €
Náhradní podstýlka ScoopFree, Blue Crystal, 1 balení Náhradní podstýlka ScoopFree, Blue Crystal, 1 balení

Extra base ScoopFree, Blue Crystal, 1 package

In stock 3 pcs 09. 07. at Yours
ScoopFree ™ spare bedding, Crystal Blue, 1 pack. Special crystals for maximum odor control. Suitable for ScoopFree ™…
26 €
Pachová návnada Skip to My Loo

Scent bait Skip to My Loo

10 days 23. 07. at Yours
Skip to My Loo ™ scent bait works based on enzymes, which encourages the dog to use the toilet in one place. Applicable…
12 €

Category "Accessories"

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