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You can find us all GPS accessories for dogs. Choose our specialized shop-quality transmitters, receivers, batteries, batteries and other accessories for GPS for dogs. You can choose, for example, by function, price or other parameters.

1What it's GPS collar?

Tracking collar. Locator. GPS collar. All indications are correct. It is an electronic collar that uses GPS technology. Through her owner clearly informed about the current location of the dog. GPS collar is suitable for all dog breeders who like to move away from his home. Locator clearly reveals the position of the dog, so the owner can get him without problems.

2How GPS collar work?

Monitoring by GPS dog collar is made possible by communication between the base station and a tracking collar. You can choose from different modes collar, respectively. distances. GPS collar communicates with the owner and warns him (eg. Via SMS) when the dog moves away from his home.

3When to buy a GPS collar?

Tracking collar should consider all dog breeders who regularly seek their canine pets in the near and distant neighborhood. Dog will be under control even when leaving work. Technology is communicating at a distance - the owner will be informed via SMS that the dog ran away.

4What are the kinds of GPS collars?

Tracking collars can be divided into collars with a SIM card, which just enable communication with the owner (on a mobile phone text message is sent when the dog left home, or Garden). Another type of radio collars. These collars are controlled by radio and allow you to track the location of the dog up to a distance of several kilometers.

5What types of GPS collars are there?

There are several types. You can set various ranges GPS collars. As a rule regarding domestic arrangements (shorter distance in tens of meters), wandering mode (tens of kilometers), or tracking mode (the dog tracks throughout the country). GPS collars are very sophisticated, so if the dog leaves home, activated mode for more distance.

6For what breeds are GPS collars suitable?

Tracking collars come in different sizes, so they are suitable for different types and breeds of dogs. Just choose the right GPS collar. Generally, the largest selection of the owners normally large dogs, from some 5 kg to 50 kg.

7Are the collars waterproof?

Yes. Electronic GPS collars are waterproof, so it can be used without restriction. Transmitter and receiver resist water. Collar (receiver) can be immersed to a depth of several meters.

8Can you watch more dogs at once?

With the purchase of other tracking collars can be used without restrictions transmitter functions for monitoring and training more dogs at once.

9Are there for monitoring any fees?

Using tracking collars using GPS technology being charged only with GPS collars that use the GSM network. This is essentially a professional GPS collars.

10 How difficult is to control collars?

GPS collars Operation is simple and intuitive. The collar, of course, get a user's manual. At the same time we are ready to provide you with the use of electronic collars help.

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