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Electric dog fence: How to choose an invisible fence?

Did your dog run away from the garden again and you just watched with horror in your eyes as he zigzagged between cars? Fortunately, nothing happened. But next time everything might be different. You've plugged every hole in the fence, but he'll squeeze through an incredibly small crack. Are you afraid to leave him alone in the garden and he has to be under control at all times? Are they ruining your greenery or vegetable garden crops? An electronic fence for dogs provides a solution. How does it work and how to choose it?

You love your dog. It's just that he's an incorrigible runaway who likes to wander. One day a neighbor brings him over. A different one the second time. And they will always remind you to keep an eye on such a handsome dog. And you are trying so hard! You reprimand him, you train him. But nothing helps, so you feel despair. Fortunately, you can solve everything easily and elegantly with an electric fence for dogs. It is a proven training aid that has helped other dog owners and experienced cynologists in similar cases.

An electronic fence for every dog

Electronic fences can be used for small, medium, and large breeds. They are designed to help you when a small dog like a dachshund is running away from you, as well as when a large German Shepherd is trying to get through a fence.

Invisible dog fences do not endanger your four-legged friend or anyone in your family, including children. They work on the elaborate principle of corrective notice in several stages. And they certainly don't compare to the pesky wire that's constantly under tension and stretched around a cattle pen.



How does an invisible fence work?

So how does an electronic dog fence work? Very simply. The key part of an invisible dog fence is the insulated wire that runs around the fence or property. You can place it either a few centimeters below the ground or just stretch it around the wall. The dog is then equipped with a collar with a receiver connected to the transmitter. The cable has very low voltage, so it is safe for people and animals.

If the dog then approaches the fence or the border where the wire runs, it is warned by a warning signal (sound). This is followed by another warning (vibration) and after the next disobedience, an electrostatic impulse is sent through the collar. Quality invisible fences have adjustable signal levels, so you can choose exactly the level at which the dog responds to the warning, but it is not painful for him (whining). At the same time, it is important to get the dog familiar with the new device! That is why it is necessary to walk through the space with him, to show him with clear commands where he can still go and where he cannot.



The difference between an electric and an electronic fence

The so-called electronic fence, the principle of which we have already described above, is especially suitable for dogs. The second option is the so-called electric fences, which are similar to devices for cattle, only they are under a lower voltage.

Electric fences can be recommended in exceptional cases. In this case, it is necessary to pull the cable, which is still under tension, over the entire plot. In contrast to the electronic invisible fence, where an insulated wire is stretched, which does not discharge when touched. Electric fences work on the principle that when an animal approaches them, it receives a shock that is weak but warns that the path does not lead this way

A separate category then consists of the so-called wireless fences for dogs, which can even be done without insulated wire. These devices work on an ingenious principle when they send a signal to a certain circle and thus define an area from which the dog must not leave.


What does an electronic dog fence help with?

An invisible fence for dogs can be recommended in all cases when the dog runs away from the garden or does not respect the ban on entering some parts of the property. Specifically, these are the following cases:

  • Dog running away from the garden.
  • Dog digging under the fence.
  • Jumping or jumping over a fence.
  • Destruction of garden greens or flowerbeds.
  • Dog running after people or animals.


What kind of gardens and lengths can the electronic fence be used for

Electronic invisible fences can be used for all types and sizes of land - whether you have a small garden near an urban family home or, on the contrary, you own a large plot of land in the countryside. 

The length of the electronic fence mainly depends on the specific model and brand. You can choose a fence with a length of several tens of meters, as well as invisible fences for plots with a circumference of up to 2 kilometers.

Types and brands of electronic dog collars

Many manufacturers supply invisible fences to the market today. At the same time, only some brands guarantee quality, safety, and functionality. These mainly include PetSafe, Dogtrace, or iTrainer brands.

  • PetSafe - already in the name, this brand promises that your pet will be safe in every way. PetSafe provides invisible fences for small, medium, and large dogs. Their advantage is the elaborate functions of the electronic fence. Safety is guaranteed by the quality of production. The advantage is the long life and durability of both the receiver and the transmitter.

Other brands bringing electronic fences for dogs to the market include Dogtrace, Canifugue, iTrainer, Dogtra or NumAxes



Water resistance, number of dogs, and other criteria of the electronic fence

Choosing an electronic dog fence needs to be tailored to the size of your property, the size (sensitivity) of the dog, and the requirements for functionality. Individual electronic fences differ in terms of technical parameters, package contents, or accessories. An important feature of invisible fences is the water resistance of the receivers. Some receivers are only resistant to rain or snow, others are fully waterproof and can even be submerged in water.

Also, watch the collar (receiver) power options. In particular, cheaper models of electronic fences are mostly powered by ordinary batteries. Others, on the other hand, are powered using a built-in accumulator, which you simply charge via a USB cable or from the network. If you have several dogs at home, choose a device that can handle two, three, or more dogs at the same time (in this case, you only need to buy another receiver).

Is it difficult to install an invisible fence?

The installation of an electronic fence for dogs is not completed by waving a magic wand, but you can do it in the afternoon. The difficulty depends on whether you are going to lay the insulated wire in the ground or attach it to the fence. If the wire is going to be buried, expect it to take you about a day to install within 400m.

Connecting the fence itself is then simple. You plug the transmitter generator into the grid and run a wire from it to demarcate the entire plot of land or just the specific parts you need. Then just turn on the generator, set the distance, and put the dog's collar on. Before you put the collar on your dog, we recommend walking around the entire garden with the collar and testing the device for proper functionality.