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Looking for an easy way to entertain a bored dog? Reedog toys are the way to go!

Toys are one of the best ways to give your pet the right entertainment. Watching such play or joining in together can put a smile on anyone's face. As we know, even pets have their favorites and sometimes the right toy can become their companion for years to come. When choosing a toy, it is always a good idea to take into account the size of the animal, its playing style, and chewing habits. There are several types of toys, let's take a look at a few examples:


Plush Toys - Soft and cuddly plush toys are great for animals who like to carry something in their mouths or snuggle up to their toys. They are one of the most popular and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can also include squeakers or squishy material to add to the appeal. The Reedog plush duck is designed to withstand rough handling during play and chewing.

Chew toys - these toys satisfy an animal's need to chew, plus they help clean the oral cavity and maintain healthy teeth. The Reedog dental toy bounces and rolls irregularly, the bumps on the toy also improve dental hygiene

Interactive toys - toys are designed to engage the animal's mind and body. They often include some kind of puzzle or challenge that they must solve to get a treat or reward. The Reedog treat toy can be filled with treats and is transparent so the pet can see the treat all the time, which stimulates them to play

Rope toys - these toys are made from durable braided rope and are great for interactive play or tug-of-war and also help maintain dental hygiene. The Reedog tug knots is a set of 4 tug of war knots, offering variety and room for different games

Rubber toys - durable and long-lasting rubber toys are great for fetching and chewing. The Reedog training ring can be used for chewing, tug-of-war, and fetch, and even in the water!


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