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How to choose a fountain for dogs and cats?

  • When choosing a fountain for your dog, consider its size. Fountains are tailored for small, medium or large breeds so that they can drink comfortably while the water tank has sufficient capacity.
  • The health of the dog also plays an important role. Some fountains are specially modelled for the comfort of older and sick dogs - for example, those suffering from sore joints or muscles.
  • If you have a furry dog at home, you'll appreciate a fountain with a filter to ensure that not only hair, but also food debris and other impurities don't get into the water.
  • You can choose from a variety of materials. We recommend choosing high-quality plastic, stainless steel or ceramic. Be interested in how (in)demanding the maintenance of the fountain will be. Some models can easily be washed in the dishwasher.


A detailed guide to the world of dog fountains

Wondering whether to buy your dog a classic water bowl or invest in a fountain? If you want to provide your dog with a constant supply of water and encourage his drinking regime, go for a fountain. Running water is more appealing to the animal than stagnant water in a bowl, which can also get dirty during the day. The fountain is able to filter them out and prevent unwanted odours. Your four-legged friend will quickly take a liking to drinking from the waterfall and you will not have to worry even in the hot summer if your dog drinks enough and does not risk dehydration.

Drinking is a term that has been bandied about a lot in recent years, and not just by humans. Getting a drinking fountain is a nice way to motivate your dog to drink without having to constantly supervise him. Thanks to the falling stream of water, your dog will love drinking from the fountain and will always have fresh and tasty water available, even if you are not home all day. The fountain is also recommended by many vets, especially as a prevention of kidney and urinary tract diseases. Getting a fountain is one of the best investments in your dog's health.

What are the advantages of a fountain over a traditional water bowl?

  • Running water motivates the dog to drink
  • thanks to the filter, no hair or other dirt gets into the water
  • Circulation ensures the water is fresh and tasty, the water is always oxygenated
  • carbon chamber eliminates unpleasant odours
  • the dog has plenty of fluids throughout the day (and night)


Choosing a fountain step by step

Let's take a closer look at fountains and answer any questions that may arise in your mind when buying a fountain.

  • What size and material should I choose?
  • How difficult will it be to maintain?
  • Is it better to get a fountain with or without a filter?
  • Will it be too noisy?
  • And can it do anything else?


Fountains for small and large dogs

Choose according to the size of your dog to make it as comfortable as possible to drink from the fountain. Fountains also have different sized water reservoirs. The popular "Eyenimal" fountain with a 1.5l reservoir capacity is suitable for small and medium-sized breeds and puppies. If you have a large dog or multiple pets, get the "Drinkwell 360" fountain with a 3.8l capacity and your pets' drinking regime will be perfectly taken care of.


Keep the fountain clean

Smaller fountains made of high-quality plastic or stainless steel have the advantage of being easy to maintain, most of them can simply be washed in the dishwasher. Paw prints or water droplets may be more visible on a stainless steel fountain, so expect more frequent cleaning. The ceramic model has a sleeker look and more stability - there is no risk of it being knocked over by the animal, either during play or by accident.

When not to wait to buy a fountain

Adequate drinking is especially important for puppies and older or sick dogs. Thanks to the fountain, you will worry less because the flowing "living" water attracts and motivates the dog to drink. Active dogs, athletes and lactating females also need to replenish fluids more often. The dog will also have a higher water consumption if his diet is dominated by dry food - kibble. All dogs, regardless of breed, age and physical activity, will appreciate a water fountain especially in the summer months.


Water without impurities and odour

Thanks to the fountain with built-in filter, your dog will always have clean water. The filter catches all impurities, including hair or food residues, and gets rid of unwanted odours. The filters need to be changed or cleaned regularly. If you don't feel like it, a filterless fountain is a more ideal choice for you.


The sound of the fountain will not disturb you

You don't have to worry about noise. The fountains we offer are very quiet. With some fountains you can regulate the water flow and thus mute the sound of falling water.


Fountains for demanding users

The Petkit Eversweet smart fountain/dispenser can be controlled remotely. It always alerts you when you need to refill the water and clean or replace the filter. It is also the quietest fountain on the market. The higher demands of breeders will also undoubtedly be satisfied by the "Eyenimal 3in1" fountain, which combines a dog bowl, measuring cup and fountain.

With the fountain you not only get a motivation for your pet to follow the drinking regime, but last but not least a great design piece. The fountain will become an unmissable part of your interior.


Getting acquainted with the fountain

Your dog may need some time to get used to the fountain. Give him time and don't push him. When he tastes the water from the fountain for the first time, it will be love at first drink.