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Dogtrace D-control 400 - the best selling training collar

The electronic training collar d-control 400 is one of the most popular products of our customers. It works at a distance of 250 m and is suitable for training basic commands over a short distance or for everyday walks in undemanding terrain. The basic function is an audible signal that can replace the whistle and is also a very effective warning before sending a stimulation pulse. The stimulation pulses are adjustable from 0 - 19 and are continuous, so the size of the pulse can be well adapted to each dog. In the event of a crisis situation where the dog does not respond to the set level of the main stimulation pulse, the Booster function button can be used to set up to 5 levels higher. The d-control 400 transmitter is very easy to use. The receiver and transmitter of the collar is powered by a replaceable 3V lithium CR2 battery that lasts 6-12 months, depending on use. The collar receiver comes with a fully submersible receiver. This makes it an ideal choice for training in or near water or extreme conditions (forest, mud). The transmitter has basic protection against water.


How does the collar help you?

  • Training collars help you teach your dog to walk at your feet without a leash
  • Establish a reliable recall in all circumstances
  • Stop your dog from running away after game or other people
  • Unlearn pulling on the leash,
  • Unlearning bad habits
  • Precise training of virtually every command


Overview of modes

The collar has sound correction, pulse correction and booster function.

Sound signal: this command can precede the stimulation pulse and is a very effective warning. The acoustic signal can be used instead of the command: to me / to the leg, in this case it replaces the whistle, whose volume is always perceived by the dog in the same way. It is very important to always use the acoustic signal in the same way so as not to confuse your dog. The green indicator light on the receiver is on for the duration of the acoustic signal.

Stimulus: This function allows you to activate an alert in the receiver in the form of safe stimulus pulses transmitted by two contact points located on the receiver. These stimulus pulses will be kept to a minimum over time as the dog will associate them very well with disobeying your command. A red indicator light on the receiver will illuminate while the stimulation pulse is being emitted. When the button is pressed for a long time, the duration of the stimulation pulse is limited to a maximum of 8 seconds. It is important to choose the correct intensity of the stimulation pulse for your dog, so it is finely adjustable in 20 levels. As every dog is differently sensitive, it is not possible to estimate the correct pulse level in advance.

Booster: this function allows you to use a different preset stimulation intensity level than the one set on the transmitter for the main stimulation pulse function. The booster function can also simulate a long pulse function or help to deal with crisis situations.


Choice of contact points

Stainless steel contact points are used to ensure the transmission of stimulation impulses from the receiver to the dog's skin. The package contains two types - 12 and 17 mm. If your dog has short hair, use short contact points. If you have a dog with longer or thicker hair, choose the longer ones. Screw the contact points onto the receiver screws.

If your dog's coat is too long, contact points with a length of 21 mm can be ordered from our e-shop.


For which dogs is it suitable

The dimensions of the D-control 400 receiver are 6.4 x 4.3 x 3.4 cm and the weight is 56 g, the collar is adjustable in length from 15 to 72 cm. The Dogtrace D-Control 400 collar is suitable for medium and large dog breeds due to the size of the stimulation pulses and receiver.



Functionality testing

How to check the correct function of the stimulation pulse?

The correct function of the stimulus pulse command can be tested using the test lamp included in the package.

  • Make sure the receiver is switched off
  • Connect the test gag pins to both contact points - loosen the contact points, insert the gag pins underneath them so that they hold firmly and tighten the contact points again
  • Switch on the transmitter and receiver
  • Press the button for the stimulation pulse
  • As the level of the stimulation pulse increases, the test gag will increase in luminosity


Battery life

The D-control 400 training collar is powered by a 3V CR2 battery. The transmitter lasts 6-12 months in operation, the receiver 3-6 months, depending on use. Batteries are included in the package, but you can purchase replacements in our shop. We recommend buying high quality Dogtrace or Energizer batteries.


Trouble advisor

  • Check that the batteries are inserted with the correct polarity
  • If the transmitter does not communicate with the receiver, try pairing the devices again
  • If the dog does not seem to be responding to the stimulation pulses: check again that the battery in the receiver is not weak, test the functionality of the receiver with a test gag, check that you have chosen the correct length of the contact points, if the dog has dry skin, moisten it.



Never use volatile substances such as thinner, petrol or other cleaning agents to clean your D-control. Use a soft, damp cloth and, if necessary, a neutral detergent. The transmitter and receiver (collar) is only waterproof if the seals are in good condition. To maintain the watertightness of the transmitter and receiver, we recommend replacing the rubber gasket under the receiver battery compartment cover once a year. Also make sure to clean and align the seals properly after each battery change in the receiver and to tighten the screws properly. However, only tighten them with reasonable force! If you do not use the training set for a long time, remove the batteries from the device.


Product photos


Technical parameters of the product

Here are the complete technical parameters for the Dogtrace D-control 400 electronic training collar from VNT electronics.




approx. 250 meters


lithiová baterie CR2 3V

    Battery life

6-12 months depending on use

   Frequency (power)

869,525 Mhz (25 mW)




not waterproof

    Operational temperature

–10 °C to +50 °C


64 grams (without battery)

  Transmitter dimensions

110 × 52 × 29 mm





lithiová baterie CR2 3V

    Battery life

6 months depending on usage


869,525 Mhz




not waterproof

    Adjustable belt circumference

approx. 15 to 72 centimetres


56 grams (without battery)

    Dimensions of the receiver

64 × 43 × 34 mm


Advantages and disadvantages of Dogtrace D-control 400

Production and service in the Czech Republic, extended warranty 3 years   Lower range
Submersible receiver   Not suitable for small dogs
Separate button for each function    
Very light receiver    
Backlit LCD display    
Long battery life    
Correction sound, impulse, booster    
Magnetic switch    


Contents of the package

  • Receiver
  • Collar
  • 12 mm electrodes
  • Electrodes 17 mm
  • 2x CR2 3V batteries
  • Test lamp
  • Lanyard for hanging the transmitter on the neck
  • Instructions