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Electronic collars service

We are warranty service for all brands of electronic collars. The most common repair is replacing the battery. Price for exchange is 10 USD + price of the battery + shipping. If interested in a price range please contact us via email: info@electric-collars.com, or telephone: +1 646 980 4569.

We provide:

Servicing electronic fences

Brands: NUMAXES (CANIFUGUE and Pet at School), Petrainer, iTrainer, PetSafe, Dogtra...

Service of training collars

Brands: Petrainer, Aetertek, SportDog, Canicom, Pet at School, PetSafe, Dogtra...

Service of anti-barking collars

Brands: Petrainer, Aetertek, SportDog, Canicalm, Pet at School, PetSafe, Dogtra...