Dogtrace d-control 400
Dogtrace d-control 400Dogtrace d-control 400Dogtrace d-control 400

Dogtrace d-control 400

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Dogtrace d-Control 400 is a electronic training collar with sound functions, pulse stimulation in 20 levels and booster functions. With the device you can train 2 dogs at a distance of 250 m. The distance is suitable for training in standard conditions. A fully waterproof receiver is activated with the magnet. LCD display and a separate button for each correction will increase comfort during the training.

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Dogtrace d-control 400

Dogtrace d-Control 400 is a electronic training collar with sound functions, pulse stimulation in 20 levels and booster functions. With the device you can train 2 dogs at a distance of 250 m. The distance is suitable for training in standard conditions. A fully waterproof receiver is activated with the magnet. LCD display and a separate button for each correction will increase the convenience of training.


  • waterproof receiver
  • magnetic system ON / OFF
  • separate button for each function
  • 20 levels of pulse
  • long battery life
  • range up to 250 m
  • 2 types of electrodes 
  • LCD display
  • the ability to hang the transmitter on your belt







Correction Type

D-Control 400 offers 2 types of corrective signals - sound and pulse. You can set the pulse in a range of 19 levels. The collar is suitable for sensitive and temperamental dogs, which corresponds to the wide range of electrostatic pulses. The device is equipped with a Booster function that increases the degree of pulse by 0-5 levels, depending on your settings.



The collar is suitable for training at home or, for example, in the garden. The maximum distance for training is 250 m, but please note that testing the maximum distance takes place in the laboratory.



Battery and charging

The receiver and transmitter of the collar powers with the CR2 3V lithium battery. Their battery life varies from 6 to 12 months, depending on the frequency and type of functions used. The battery status is indicated by a light indicator.




The collar comes with a fully submersible receiver. This makes it the ideal choice for training in or near water or extreme conditions (forest, mud). The transmitter has basic protection against water.



Number of dogs

The collar is suitable for training two dogs.




The transmission has a LCD backlit display with impulse level indication, indicates the dog (if you train 2 dogs at the same time) and battery status. The front panel has buttons for controlling each function.



Collar lenght

The durable collar can be adjusted from 18 cm to 75 cm.



Weight and dimensions

The transmission has a width - 5,2 cm, height - 11 cm , depth - 2,9 cm, weight - 64 grams (without battery). The receiver has a width - 4,3 cm, height - 6,4 cm, depth - 3,4 cm, weight - 56 grams (without the battery).



Benefits Handicaps
  • Suitable for training sensitive and temperamental dogs
  • Possibility of training 2 dogs
  • Adjustable Booster function
  • The receiver has waterproof equipment
  • Sound and pulse in 19 levels 
  • Separate button for each function 
  • Very light receiver 
  • Magnetic switch for quick start
  • 2 types of electrodes included 
  • Long battery life
  • Included DVD with training video
  • Lower range

With what will collar help

For which breed is suitable

Determining suitability for a particular dog is always very difficult, because every dog is different. Mainly depends on the temperament and sensitivity of the dog. Based on our experience, we recommend this model for these breeds.

Mid-size dogs
Large dogs
Stubborn dogs

Technical features

Receiver weight 56g
Transmitter weight 64 g
Receiver dimension š.4,3 x v.6,4 x h.3,4 cm
Transmitter dimension š.5,2 x v.11 x h.2,9 cm
Collar Length 18 až 75 cm
Type of correction impulse + beep + booster
Impulse 20 levels
Number of dogs up to 2 dogs
Waterproofness waterproof (submersible)
Receiver power supply battery
Transmitter power supply Battery
Receiver battery CR2 3V
Transmitter battery CR2 3V
Display LCD backlight

Package content

  • Receiver with red collar 
  • Transmitter with belt clip
  • Test lamp
  • 2x CR2 3V battery
  • Electrodes (12 and 17 mm)
  • Cord for hanging the transmitter around your neck
  • DVD with training instructions

Extra information

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