Make fresh your dog´s fur after bathing with scent for dogs. Thanks to scent for dogs fur will be scented all day and you no longer have to sniff the sometimes unpleasant smell of wet fur of your dog.


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Menforsan voňavka vůní černého rybízu

Menforsan perfume with black currant scent

In stock 5 pcs 06. 10. at Yours
Fresh aromas of black currant guaranteed to dazzle not only you, but your surroundings and your dog. Cologne Menforsan…
7 €
Menforsan voňavka s broskvovou vůni

Menforsan perfume with peach scent

In stock 2 pcs 06. 10. at Yours
A nice sweet aroma of juicy peach plus deodorizing effect - all found in cologne Menforsan.
7 €
Menforsan voňavka s jablečnou vůni

Menforsan perfume with apple scent

In stock > 10 pcs 06. 10. at Yours
Treat dog with pleasant apple scent that is going to make the whole day to him but also to you. The essence of the…
7 €

Menforsan voňavka se skořicovou vůni

Menforsan perfume with cinamon scent

In stock 3 pcs 06. 10. at Yours
Colognes Menforsan with a pleasant smell fragrant and sweet cinnamon, which rozvoní your dog but also a home.
7 €
Menforsan voňavka s vanilkovou vůni

Menforsan perfume with vanilla scent

In stock 9 pcs 06. 10. at Yours
The sweet scent of vanilla, which is a nice neighborhood and your dog pets - it's cologne Menforsan. This fragrance has…
7 €

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