Litter-Robot III automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats with extended warranty

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Litter Robot III - always clean automatic toilet for your cat. Litter Robot Open Air is automatically performs perfect hygiene, without your assistance! The patented System rid your house from smell and divert the contaminated litter into the waste box. Night lighting, easy handling and natural hygiene represent the current trend in maintaining the cleanliness of the home environment.

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Litter-Robot III automatic self-cleaning litter box for cats with extended warranty

Litter Robot III - always clean automatic toilet for your cat. Litter Robot Open Air is automatically performs perfect hygiene, without your assistance. The motion sensor records your cat's activity and automatically starts a cleaning cycle after your cat will leave the toilet. No more smell and scattered litter in the room! From the automatic toilet for cats Litter Robot Open Air, you will be completely delighted from the first moment. Durable podium has clear buttons, display and light indicatorVery clear and easy to use. All you have to do is set up the indicator light, and leave the rest for Litter Robot III Open Air!


Main function:

  • Automatic hygiene with a toilet for cats Litter Robot III means cleaning the used litter without your participation. No more unpleasant manipulation with the contaminated litter, dust or unpleasant odors. Only freshness in the house!
  • The device removes dirt and odors - the contaminated litter is separated by a special sieve from the clean one during the patented cleaning process. The dirt gets into the garbage box at the bottom of the device by using a special channel. The garbage compartment has a special filter made of natural carbonite, which fights with unpleasant smell and bacterias. Carbonite is a natural component that is used even for water filtration. The filter service life is 1 month. The area around the toilet is clean, without the smell and pollution!
  • Easy to use - individual parts of the toilet are easy to disassemble, all functions are controlled by using clear buttons and all necessary information are indicated by lighting diodes.
  • Motion sensor - guarantees safety and identifies when your pet is inside the toilet. The device uses a motion and weight sensor of the cat, so the device provides trouble-free operation and safety of your pet. The device registers a weight fluctuation. Cleaning starts automatically after your pet leaves the toilet. If the cleaning system starts, but your pet decides to go back to the toilet, the device will recognize the weight fluctuation and the cleaning will go into pause mode. For the correct operation of all systems, it is necessary that the kitten weighs is from 2,5 kg.
  • Compatible with all types of lumping filler.
  • Saving mode - Litter Robot offers 8-hour saving breaks for every 24 hours. Saving mode is optional.
  • Effectively eliminates waste - if the waste box inside the device is full, the light diode will warn you about it. Simply pull out the waste box (at the bottom), remove the garbage bag and throw it away. Done! No unpleasant contact and manipulation with the used filler.
  • The possibility of lighting in the dark - pleasant blue lighting.
  • Litter Robot III is powered by a 12-volt 1.3 Amp battery. Insert the battery into the specified place at the bottom of the device. Litter Robot III has a network adapter for connecting to the network.
  • Overview of the state of the filler - the self-cleaning toilet has a mark for a clear overview of the amount of filler needed (about 4 kg). You will immediately know when and how much you need to replenish. In normal mode, check the amount of filler once per week.


100% environmental hygiene without smell

The packaging includes filters made of natural carbonate for absolute comfort and safety. The filter is placed in front of the sealable waste box. The filter will prevent the smell and formation of harmful bacteria. No more smell and dirt around the toilet! As soon as the cat uses the toilet, Litter Robot III the device will start cleaning mode. A special sieve separated the dirty filler and gets it into the garbage box at the bottom of the device by using a special channel. The full bag from waste box is easy to pull out and  throw it away. The natural carbon filter is known for its cleaning and antibacterial effectOdorless and 100% hygienic!



Simple operation

The cleaning cycle can be performed automatically or you can start the mode manually. By using one button you can pause the current functions, by using another button you can start the cycle again. Do you need to get rid of all filler to wash the device? By using button easily empties all filler into the trash box at the bottom of the device. You can easy throw away the bag from trash box after filling. No more unpleasant smell, dust or manipulation in an unsanitary environment! Light indicators accurately inform you about the functions at any time. You don't need to think about when it's time to clean the trash box. Even this question will be solved by the Litter Robot, the device will inform you about the need to clean the waste box.

Maximum safety with motion sensor

The basic design is robust and has an open chamber in the shape of a hemisphere. The device's motion sensor will detect that the pet has just entered or just left. For maximum safety, the sensor recognizes the weight and allows cats of all sizes with a weight from 2,5 kg to use the toilet. As soon as the cat leaves the toilet, a sensor detects motion and drop weight in the device and start cleaning. After the pet leaves and before starting cleaning process, the device waits for 15 seconds until the sensor is sure that the cat has really left. In addition, the device always responds  to the change of weight in the device and suspends the mode accordingly. Litter Robot III will never start cleaning mode if the cat is inside.  


Instant overview of the amount of filler and the fullness of the trash box

Litter Robot will really make it easier for you to exploit the cat toilets. You don't even need to monitor the amount of filler in the toilet! You can see the amount of filler consumed after each self -cleaning cycle. Thanks to the attached strips it's easy to indicate the level of filler. You will always know how much filler you need to add.



Litter Robot Open Air has a "sleep mode" to save energy. The cycle lasts for 8 hours and is repeated regularly for every 24 hours. You can skip sleep mode. After the standby mode expires, the device automatically performs a self-cleaning cycle, so you do not need to monitor the operation. Just connect the device using a network adapter. The automatic self-cleaning cycle starts every 3, 7 or 15 minutes according to your settings. You just need to choose which settings fits best to your requirements!


Quick solution even for more cats at home

Another advantage of the robotic toilet Litter Robot is a quick and convenient solution for more cats! Each cat wants to have a toilet for herself always ready and clean, otherwise she will easily find a spare place. The patented hygienic cleaning cycle of the Litter Robot III starts automatically at any time after the cat leaves the device. Thus, the toilet is still clean. The device starts cleaning mode every time after the cat uses it. No cat will choose another place to use it as the toilet. Using this device, you will prevent unpleasant incidents outside the toilet, which are a common problem with more cats!



Light indication and LED lighting for use in the dark

Litter Robot thinks about your comfort and therefore offers you a light indicator. The flashing or lighting of the lights indicates that certain functions are working. For example, the toilet signals ready-made device, self-cleaning mode, an overflowing waste box, or variants of settings. High-quality led lighting highlights the toilet in the dark with a pleasant blue light. The light will make it easier for cats to use the toilet in the dark and will motivate the pet to use it. Lighting has a great technological solution: the device reacts for getting light or dark outside and smoothly regulates the power of lighting. The function of spectacular blue lighting can be turned off at any time. Litter Robot III offers a simple and effective way of self-cleaning of cat toilets.

The device is compatible with all types of fillers

The robotic toilet Litter Robot III is compatible with all dry fillers (granulated)! You choose the filler according to your priorities. You do not need to take an expensive special filler. Litter Robot allows you to buy what suits you. It is recommended not to use wood, paper or non-sturdy fillers.

Dimensions: 74,93 x 61,6 x 68 x 58, entrance dimensions: 12,7 x 31 x 75 x 40,64


For hygienic reasons, all toilets from our range do not have a 30-day time limit to try!

Benefits Handicaps
  • automatic cleaning of the cat 's toilet without your participation
  • the device keeps the home environment clean and pleasant
  • easy to manipulate and simple to operate with individual buttons
  • antibacterial effect without smell
  • no contact with unpleasant and unsanitary waste
  • a clean toilet motivates cats to use it
  • chargeable device 
  • light indicator  for status overview 
  • possibility of lighting in the dark
  • 18 month warranty
  • minimum cats weight 2,5 kg
  • the cat should be taught to use the toilet
  • higher cost

For which breed is suitable

Determining suitability for a particular dog is always very difficult, because every dog is different. Mainly depends on the temperament and sensitivity of the dog. Based on our experience, we recommend this model for these breeds.

Pro kočky

Package content

  • 1x Litter Robot III Open Air 
  • 1x carbon filter
  • 1x waste bag
  • 1x 15V DC charger
  • 1x instruction 
  • information in case of complaint and warranty card

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