To whom you help?

  • You help all dogs which suffered, because they were mistreated or their masters left them alone 
  • You save the dogs that come from reproducing places
  • Join us and support the right thing! A few dollars for you, represent huge amount of money for dogs. Feed the dogs with us around the whole Czech Republic. Shelters can run only because of people as you, who are willing to support good things. 



Our last visit in shelter

We visited the shelter Bouchalka which is not the biggest shelter in Czech Republic, but there are  most of abandoned and mistreated dogs. We supported them with this gifts together with you. Each bag of food had name of the person who bought it and then we posted it on our Facebook page and on Facebook page of the shelter.



Why do we do that?

Look at these pictures of dogs, how sadly they look or go to visit any shelter and you try to understand. The emotions and feelings which we had during our last visit in shelter are indescribable.

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